First Week NFL!

Hey, the Mad Gambler is back! I gave you a tease a few weeks ago with the Yankees 4-0 sweep of the O’s who really gave the Yanks issues all season! I said bet the Yankees on the runs line and every game paid off! All and all, we were 6-2 with the Giants and the over at Colorado St.

If you want to mad gamble, it’s not about betting every game, it’s about being sure on a few games and betting BIG! BET BIG OR GO HOME!

Everyone knows that pre-season means nothing as stars are rested and protected. So how do we figure out how to bet? Then listen to me! The Mad Gambler!

First, the weather in Cleveland might be a bit rainy and windy, but it is not going to stop Big Ben and the rookie Baker Make-TDs from putting points on the board! Take the OVER at 42. The Steelers will score regardless of their “fuck him” LeVeon Bell ringer! Easy over! Bet big!

Next, The New York Football Giants…man, the Giants have revamped and cut the dead weight! No messing around…fair enough their TE is one of the best and on the bench with concussion issues. But this new squad will protect Eli, and the Giants will handle that -3 at home and there is a good chance win! Give this home dog the respect they deserve!

And lastly, KC didn’t dump Alex Smith if they didn’t know that Mahomes could bring them deeper into the playoffs. Take the Chiefs at -3 on the road. Mahomes and DeShaun Watson are the new NFL QBs of the future. It’s lights out for those old guys…Brady, Eli, and Brees! Times up!

Be a Mad Gambler! Go for it! Playing the board will get you nowhere!

Tommy Bananas

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