Mad Gambler – Week 4 Picks

NFL Week Four Picks!

It has been a long while since the NFL has been this week to week in terms of quality teams losing to what is suppose to be nothing teams. Injuries, high flying O’s, video game shootout style of play, and making sure that a quarterback is ever so carefully dipped when dancing are the norm. It’s like baseball: it’s the homer un or the strikeout and every now and then, good teams are striking out…just look at the Bills over the Vikings or Titian over the Jags for reference. So new factors are going into picking this week for some Mad Action. October is when things will settle down and the elite teams will emerge and teams show who they really are because right now it’s still a little hard to know. But what do we know for this week:

Jacksonville is angry. This team should have been in the Super Bowl last year until they went into a prevent offense and handed the AFC to the Pats. With a disappointing showing against the Titians look for a major bounce back and a whipping of the Jets. Sam Darnold is going to have a long day against the Jags top line D.  He may wobble off like Namath by the time they are done. On this one, Jags -7 ½ or 7 if you can find it. Line is trending down…who in their right mind is betting on the Jets???

Arizona is lost in the desert and that is good news for Seattle. The Hawks bounce in a -3 road favorite, and from the looks of the ugly Cardinals, the line might as well be 10 or more! Arizona is weak at many positions but most of all QB. They will be out coached and out played all day today. Take the Hawks -3 ½ or 3 if you can find it.

There is something about Drew Brees playing in New York that just doesn’t end well for the Giants. He’s owned the Giants over the years. So on this game, it’s not the line it’s the shootout that’s important. Nice looking day in New Jersey, so how about the over at 52 ½ or 52 if you can find it. I’m thinking something along the lines of 35-31 on this one and a solid 60 points scored.

Some other quick games of interest: Browns + 2 ½ at the Raiders & the Bucs + 3 in Chicago.

The only way to play these games is GAMBLE MAD! Once into October we start to double on our bets because the pretenders will be revealed!

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