Week 2! Always better than week 1!!

If I have learned anything over the years, you build your bets up week by week.  The first three weeks can be a crap shoot, especially in this day of touch football in the pre-season where you can’t see who has much.  It’s harder to gauge the more elite talent.  Look at the Ravens!  They maul the Bills in week one and crap themselves against the Bengals the next time out.  From 47-3 winners in week 1 to  34-23 losers week 2!  Who they still are, as well as many other teams, is still a mystery.

Week 2…well, what is not a mystery is the Cowboys offense.  One demential is an understatement.  Double EE is a force, but alone, he won’t contribute too much to the over all score. The Giants D will keep him in check.  But can the Giants score.  Maybe not much.  Take the under at 42 1/2.  Careful with that line and stop there if it moves.  I liked the opening better at 43 1/2.

Rams, Rams, Rams…they are a great team and about 92% of the best this week in Vegas are on the Rams.  If 92% of the people were right most of the time, they’s shut Vegas down.  Take the Cards +13.  And if the line goes up, even better.  Because in NFL betting, more people liking a team driving the line up and usually creates more losers.  This line opened at Rams -11.

If the Vikings and Packers is offered, take the Vikings.  It opened as a PK in Green Bay.  That’s some wishful thinking even if Rodgers knee is A-Okay!  And it’s not.  Vikings are the most balanced team in NFL.  Vikings to win if you can find this option.

If you can get the Dolphins +3, it’s worth a play.  The Jets had one game on the road and a great win. Time to be the Jets again!

Lastly, The Jags are home against the Patriots.  Like the home dog!  The Pats aren’t the same Pats.  And the Jags D is one of the best in the NFL.  Beware…this is one of those games that Brady could end up hurt!  Jags +1.

Keep gambling mad and remember to build as you go!  As the weeks more on, more best bets only to follow!

Tommy Bananas

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