Week 3…one for the money!

So last night the Jets line pushed as far as +3 1/2 before starting time. The stats show that covering a number 4 is far more in favor of the team getting the points. And then the winless Browns won…and covered by 4. That’s all folks! The Browns have a win! And with Mayfield many more to follow.

Let’s start this week with the Seahawks at home -1 against the visiting Cowboys. As usual a home team in an even game is given the -3 and that’s how this line opened. And then this line dropped to Hawks -1. What’s up Vegas? Do that many people think the Cowboys are going into Seattle and beating the 12 man team in the loudest stadium in the NFL? Not happening. Take Hawks -1 at home. Reality check for Cowboys.

Keep an eye on the 49ers line. The Chiefs are home. This game opened at KC -5 1/2 and now sits at -6 1/2. If it gets to 7 or even stays at 6 1/2, take it! Mahomes II has 10 TDs and zero INTs. The new NFL allows for these kinds of number. Now it’s time for a reality check. Take the 49ers and has many points over 6 you can get!

On Monday night, the Bucs are a home dog??? The Steelers are a mess right now. Brown and Bell are having a lot of “personal issues.” Bell should be traded soon. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the new Tom Brady! How do we not take the Bucs at home and getting points! The energy in Tampa will be playoff like. And we are happy a good guy like Fitz is driving instead of that dirtbag Winston. Grab this game fast before the Bucs end up giving points. It opened at Buc +2 1/2. Now at Bucs +1 at home and that is a taker!

And for you baseball fans, the Yankees and O’s meet once again at the Stadium. Seems like they play each other 80 times a season! Yanks are worth a runs or money line play all weekend now that the East Division is won by the Red Sox. Take the home Yankees who are fighting for home field in the Wild Card…the Yanks need to wrap that up, especially after the A’s scored three TDs against the Angels yesterday afternoon!

Go big on these or go home. No use playing the board and offering books vig money!!! Happy Mad Gambling!

Tommy Bananas

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